The Commercial Office of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt presents its compliments and has the pleasure to invite you to attend SUEZ CANAL CONFERENCE that will be organized between 22.02 – 24.02.2016, at JW Marriott Hotel, Cairo Egypt.

Among the Conference Objectives, we can mention:

–              emphasizing the vital role of the Suez Canal in serving the world trade and the Egyptian economy;

–              boosting the communication with canal clients and exchanging viewpoints with them;

–              introducing the continuous developments of the Suez Canal;

–              introducing the rendered services and also the flexible marketing policies adopted by Suez Canal Authority;

–              inviting international experts and specialists to discuss the latest accomplishments in the shipping industry;

–              presenting current and future projects.

For more details about this event, please access the website:

Sursa: Ambasada Republicii Arabe Egipt în România