Aiming at contributing to further development of bilateral economic and commercial relations between Iran and Romania, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic in Bucharest is hereby pleased to introduce you one of the Iranian companies, active in the dish manufacturing industry in Iran, Nalino.

Nalino, a symbol of Iranian ingenuity, is proud to be recognized as the first official producer of standard and authentic cast-iron cookware in Iran. This brand is registered and owned by the Paniz Sazan Dana company and with the management of Mr. Hossein Ghantar, it has played a considerable role in the production of genuine Iranian products and has helped the economy and self-sufficiency of Iran over time. The ways of entrepreneurship have continued in Nalino for generations. Now, Mr. Hossein Ghantar, one of our top entrepreneurs, is continuing this path with the help of a young, ambitious, and hard-working staff in order to make fine products that are suitable for Iranian consumers. Currently, Nalino is the only producer of cast-iron and non-stick cookware in the country. For more information you can notice or contact the followings:

Company Name: Nalino Ltd Co

Addresss: Unit 805, Silver Center Commercial Center, First Square of Tehran Pars


Email address of Company:

Office number: 02173032000/ 02191011700

            CEO: Hossein Ghantar

CEO number: 0098 91 21253339

Email Address:

Export Manager: A. Mansouri

Mobile: 0098 91 23444589


Iran is one of the largest economies in the Middle East. Business opportunities in the oil, gas, retail, manufacturing, industry, medical, shipping and many other sectors are vast. One of the sectors with a spectacular evolution is the manufacturing one. Iran has strived to improve this sector by focusing on improving the quality of products it provides to its citizens.

The bilateral economic and commercial relationship between Iran and Romania has always been positive. In 2021, the total amount of trade between the two countries reached 483 million U.S. dollars. There are many potential areas that could help increase the economic cooperation between the two nations and we are hopeful that through the increased private sector mobility in both Iran and Romania, we will notice stronger bilateral commercial relations in 2022, the year that the two countries celebrate the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

For further information regarding NALINO and doing business with Iran, you will find attached two catalogs.


Best Regards

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bucharest

Nalino-english catalouge 2022