As İZFAŞ, an organisation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we have added a new one on energy to the fairs we organise. WENERGY Clean Energy Technologies Expo which organised in partnership with EFOR Fairs and United Fair Organizers Company (BİFAŞ) will take place at fuarizmir in Turkey on 9-11 May 2023, has set out as the most effective and largest Clean Energy Fair in Turkey with the aim of offering a new trade and investment network.

Since we know the value of your union and organizational structure very well, we wanted to inform you about our fair. In regards to the importance and value of energy sector, we are aware of the importance of your contribution to the world in this field.

WENERGY will bring together investors, industrialists and suppliers  to showcase all components of renewable energy, especially wind, solar, hydrogen, biomass and geothermal and the following; cogeneration, generation, distribution and transmission systems, maintenance, repair and services in energy facilities, environmental technologies, energy efficiency, energy logistics, digitalisation, energy storage, electric vehicle and charging technologies, smart grid and smart infrastructure and cyber security.

Together with the WECYCLE 2nd Environment and Recycling Technologies Expo, which will take place on the same dates, fuarizmir will host the most important exhibitors and visitors in the field at the same time. With the aim of reducing the carbon footprint, recycling has a unique importance as an area for both environmental awareness and profit. Industry professionals in the fields of solid waste, water and wastewater, sludge treatment, waste gas, green energy, general equipment, urban environmental cleaning tools and technologies, measurement and adjustment technologies, service and service, noise, air and soil pollution, accident prevention, occupational safety and risk management will come together for WECYCLE. For more information, please visit

We invite you to our fair to evaluate many product groups related to renewable energy and recycling technologies on the same platform, to discover new products and services, and to get to know new technologies.

You can find more detailed information on the subject from  and from you can make your online registration and contact us.

Please share the information about our fair with your valuable members to see what we can do for the world together.