Aiming at contributing to further development of bilateral economic and commercial relations between Iran and Romania, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic in Bucharest is hereby pleased to introduce you one of the Iranian companies, active in the manufacturing tiles and ceramics,  Alvand co.

Alvand Tile and Ceramic Company is one of the most famous tile and ceramic companies in Iran. This company has started operating in the Iranian tile and ceramic market since 1991.

This company now and after more than three decades of activity has world-class technology and capability to produce 12 million square meters of wall tiles, floor ceramics and porcelain products in its three owned factories.

Currently, the products of this company are being sold to domestic and foreign markets. Alvand company has the ability to produce products in different sizes by providing beautiful designs and various colors, can be a suitable response to different needs and has been approved by engineers and contractors at the highest level of consumer choice.

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For further information and details regarding the Alvand, please refer to the attached catalogs.*

Alvandtile Catalogue

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