Aiming at contributing to further development of bilateral economic and commercial relations between Iran and Romania, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic in Bucharest is hereby pleased to introduce you one of the Iranian companies, active in the dental industry in Iran, Dandan Toos Industrial-Commercial Ltd Co. (DENTUS).

Being the leading manufacturer of dental and medical equipment in Iran, DENTUS was founded by Ahmad Alifar in 1983 with the vision of high quality and economical dental equipment. For over 30 years, DENTUS has expanded its manufacturing to provide high quality products and services, along with the latest technology in the world. For more information you can notice or contact the followings:

Company Name: Dandan Toos Industrial-Commercial Ltd Co

CEO: Ahmad Aalifar


Email address of Company:

Email address of CEO:

Office number: (+98) 21 66 42 98 66

CEO number: (+98) 912 127 71 53

Iran is one of the largest economies in the Middle East. Business opportunities in the oil, gas, retail, manufacturing, industry, medical, shipping and many other sectors are vast. One of the sectors with a spectacular evolution is the medical one. Iran has strived to improve this sector by focusing on improving the quality of care it provides to its citizens and the demand for quality medical, dental and surgical services that require the use of sophisticated diagnostic and treatment devices and equipment.

The bilateral economic and commercial relationship between Iran and Romania has always been positive. In 2021, the total amount of trade between the two countries reached 483 million U.S. dollars. There are many potential areas that could help increase the economic cooperation between the two nations and we are hopeful that through the increased private sector mobility in both Iran and Romania, we will notice stronger bilateral commercial relations in 2022, the year that the two countries celebrate the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

For further information regarding the DENTUS and doing business with Iran, you will find attached two catalogs, as well as a presentation video.*

Best Regards

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bucharest