It is a great pleasure to present herewith the conference report of the Balkans & Black Sea Forum 2022 (BBSF), entitled “The Eurasian nexus post 2022: high-stakes arena for security, trade and investments”.

Conference report

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Coming Up

The first of the “Executive Roundtables”, a new initiative of the BBSF restricted to experts and selected audience by invitation only, will provide space for an open, sincere, and out-of-the-box dialogue and debate. The “Executive Roundtable 2023” focuses on “The role of Greece in the Balkan & Black Sea regions” and on how it can further enhance its regional political and economic imprint.




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Stay tuned for our leading event, the 5th international Balkans & Black Sea Forum to be held in Athens-Greece on February 15-16, 2024!

About us

The Balkans & Black Sea Forum is a flagship independent economic platform and a key Summit for leading business- & policy-makers committed to enhancing stability, growth and cooperation across the Balkan and Black Sea regions. Distinguished speakers and prominent influencers from the public & private sectors engage and interact in order to review challenges, assess implications, identify opportunities and explore innovative ways for promoting security, sustainable development and bi/multilateral cooperation in the broader Eurasia. It is addressed to leading businesses, policymakers, diplomats, think-tanks, research & academia, and cooperates with prestigious regional & international organizations.