18 years in the top organizers of fairs and exhibitions in Romania!

Through its work, Expo Suceava successfully sustains Romanian business development, helps to promote local and foreign investments in the north-eastern Romania, encourages entrepreneurship, develops economic relations of the region with other parts of the country and with foreign companies.

The events organized by Expo Suceava brought together over 2.300 companies in fairs and exhibitions with general and the most diverse specialized subjects and are visited by over 150.000 professionals and businessmen from across the country and abroad.

During its 17 years of existence, Expo Suceava held in its own name over 300 national and international fairs and exhibitions.

Wishing a new approach to customer service, Expo Suceava has become a unique and powerful service, information and events provider for business performance and competitiveness.

Expo Suceava, the only legal organizer of fairs and exhibitions in area, ensures, after 17 years of experience, together with its special partners, a coherent framework of active presence for companies at these kinds of events in favorable conditions.

International participation at the exhibition events organized by Expo Suceava is significant, with many foreign companies with a consistent participation, coming from Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, France, Spain, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and many others.

Expo Suceava is a founding member of ASOEXPO – Association of organizers of fairs and exhibitions in Romania.

We can become a launching board for Your entry on the market in this area, and encourage you to join companies represented by us to benefit from multiple facilities and the best business card.


Expo Suceava is a partner of Romexpo, the leader of Romanian fairs and exhibitions and collaborates in events creating and promoting. Below there is a link that leads You to the events organized by Romexpo.