Who are we?

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava is from over 25 years the oldest and the most representative autonomous post-communism organization from district of Suceava.

Founded in 1990 and as a part of the national chambers system, CCI Suceava received reconfirmation by Law no. 335/2007 as the only non-governmental organization of public utility, autonomous, whose strategy is oriented towards creating a stable business environment, consistent and conducive to private sector development, a real, sustainable and open outwards market economy.


Chamber of Commerce: organization of public utility

Develops business and enterprises activity

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava is a non-governmental, autonomous, with legal personality organization of public interest and public utility, reopened by the business community in Suceava county, under Decree Law no. 139/1990.

Institution with long traditions and great defining results in organizing and functioning of business environment, the Chamber realizes its mission and its prerogatives in full compliance with the Law of Chambers of Commerce of Romania no. 335/2007. The Chamber operates in Suceava County. It is organized and operates according to the law and its own Statute approved by the General Assembly of its members.

To best meet its mission and a greater extent of the requirements and expectations of over 30.000 of entrepreneurs in the county the Chamber takes multiple actions to better define priority areas, to increase capacity to analyze problems regarding the strengthening and further development of the private sector.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava represents:

  • A force of Proposal: CCI Suceava is a laboratory of ideas for local development, participating, for example, in annual and perspective developing programs.
  • A force of Representation, because it defends and supports the interests of business community by providing practical tools and information accessible for businesses.
  • A force of Training through the courses organized under its tutelage with participation of experts from university as collaborators.
  • A force of Achievement through its examples of concrete, successful initiatives and its presence at local, regional, national level, also internationally through trade missions abroad.

The members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava are representatives of businesses, individuals and legal operators, professional associations or organizations, etc. defining all sectors of economic life of the county. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava supports itself financially. It has the capacity to vote its own budget.

A part of its resources comes from membership fees, fees or commissions charged for performed activities or services, commercial arbitration, etc. Based on voluntary association of its members, the Chamber represents the interests of local business community towards the authorities in the country and abroad. The Chamber has total autonomy in its coverage area (county) to develop economic and entrepreneurial activity, being subordinated only to the General Assembly of its members.

To accomplish its mission and promote economic development and international cooperation, the experts of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava offers:

Also, the members of Chamber can actively participate in forums, conferences, seminars, workshops and professional debates organized by its departments.

The main concerns of CCI Suceava focuses on representing and defending the interests of business community and its members towards the most important decision makers, facilitating access to information regarding potential partners and business environment in which they evolve.

What represents us?

  • Those 8 projects financed from European funds that we conduct through European Funds Department for the past 7 years.
  • Over 300 events organized by Expo Suceava, in the last 17 years
  • Over 2300 companies that participated in the events organized by Expo Suceava, in the last 17 years
  • Over 150 training courses organized by Bucovina Business School, in the past 6 years
  • Over 50 economic missions in France, China, USA, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the most important being the international event Expo Shanghai (July 23 – 3 August 2010) in the last 8 years;
  • More than 2600 people benefited of free courses organized by Bucovina Business School, in the last 7 years.
  • More than 25 funding applications for companies, public authorities and NGOs in the past 6 years

What are we doing?

We are promoters of integrated services for Small and Medium Enterprises:

  • We support local public authorities in order of social and economic development of the area;
  • We support the economic relationship of our members with official representatives of other states, foreign consulates and organizations similar to County Chamber;
  • We represent and defend the interests of the business community in relation to the Romanian authorities and similar organizations abroad;
  • We present proposals to authorized institutions on the promotion of draft laws in the field of activity, sending them on request or on our initiative;
  • We issue at the request, according to the rules in force and competences set for other institutions, certificates of origin of goods, certificates of commercial usage, registered companies, annotations and changes in the legal status of companies, as well as certificates proving the existence of commercial incidents;
  • We developed at the sectorial and overall level, economic studies and analyzes at the request of the interested;
  • We promote business and industrial standards of the European Union in the business community;
  • We realize databases containing all relevant information useful to traders in their activity, conduct of information, research and business consulting; keep and capitalize trade data on incidents in the interest of improving the business climate;
  • We organize the activity of resolution of commercial disputes through mediation and ad hoc and institutionalized arbitration;
  • We asses existence of force majeure and its influence on execution of obligations for traders;
  • We draw and publish County Chamber newsletter, catalogs, directories and other information publications, documentation and commercial advertising;
  • We organize and manage fairs, exhibitions, shows, business forums, economic partnership actions in the country and abroad, in its own locations, leased or rented;
  • We organize exclusively the top companies and the top investors annually rewarding the efforts of traders;
  • We carry out assistance and consultancy for merchants on their expense;
  • We organize, under the law, pre-university educational institutions, such as trade schools, industrial and crafts schools;
  • We organize training courses in commercial and industrial areas;
  • We establish scholarships and commercial and industrial practice and grant performance awards, from own or attracted funds.

Who recommends us?

  • Companies and more than 1000 members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava
  • Public institutions, central and local government
  • NGOs.



18th of March 1850

Emperor Franz Josef passes the Temporary law regarding the establishing of Chambers of Commerce and Craftsmen (Industry) – CCC(I), based on the project forwarded by the Minister of Commerce, Mr. Von Bruck, concerning the establishment of The Chambers of Commerce on the territory of the Austrian – Hungarian Empire.


30th of March 1850

“The decree of Minister of Commerce from the 26th of March 1850” is to be published in the Official Newspaper, thereby the law enacted by His Majesty, regarding the establishment of The Chambers of Commerce and Craftsmen on the entire Empire territory, is made public. 60 regions written in the Decree will have chambers of commerce and industry, Bucovina region was also included.


1st of July 1850

29 representatives of the traders and craftsmen meet in Cernauti in the Constitutional General Meeting, where they decide the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Craftsmen Bucovina, with the headquarters in Cernauti. The board of directors had 15 members, divided in two sectors (the traders and the craftsmen), and each section included all the specific activities in that area, in the entire Bucovina Region.

The board of directors consisted of noblemen, factory owners, bankers, traders and craftsmen. The Baron WILLHELM von ALT was elected First President. The Imperial Government awarded the Chamber the right to be considered an independent electoral area and offered 3 positions in the Bucovina Government and 1 position in the Meeting of the Ambassadors of the Austrian Empire from Vienna.

As is in the present, the Chamber was the single organization which represented and defended, as an institution, the interests of the traders and the craftsmen, held the situation of commerce, was an exhibition organizer, proposed laws and solutions in the field of councilor, taxes, credit and transport activities.

Every week, a register was published, divided in fields of activity: craftsmen, blacksmiths, painters, butchers, tailors, barbers, inn-keepers, bartenders, goldsmiths, masons, etc.

The Chamber was the coordinator for Ministry of Commerce of the Austrian Empire.



A paperback is edited and printed in Erhard publishing house, in which the main field of activity of the Chamber, information regarding commercial and industrial activity and also a register of craftsmen and agriculture from Bucovina are being presented. The Chamber had already opened branches in Suceava, Falticeni, Radauti and Vatra Dornei.



By the initiative and support of The President of the Chamber – the industrialist FRIDRICH LANGENGAN and the architect FRIDIRICH GOTESMAN present the draft for building the new headquarters, the building was built between 1910-1912 in the Theatre Square in Cernauti. Nowadays the building is the Faculty of Medicine and has the logo of craftsmen and traders posted on the front side.



WILLHELM TITINGER takes the management of CCC(I) and the board of directors has now 23 members from different commercial and industrial centers of Bucovina. (Radauti, Suceava, Campulung Moldovenesc, Vatra Dornei etc.). Also the field of activities of the Chamber increases.

The Chamber offers consulting services and forwards to the Ministry of Commerce legislative solutions, regarding commercial and industrial activity, prices for services and merchandise as well.

The Chamber empowers judges for the Commercial Court and in some cases of commercial conflicts, acts as a commercial court. The Chamber organizes exhibitions and events, holds the register of firms, including the review of their activity, manages and edits commercial statistics.

The Chamber can provide the commercial stamp, activity license and commercial certificate.

The Chamber managed commercial activities in its designated area: authorizes the opening of marketplaces, gives activity and professional licenses, provides consulting licenses for editing and negotiating commercial partnerships with ROMANIA, RUSSIA and GERMANY, recommends the founding of junior high schools, commercial and craftsmen schools.



The activity of CCC(I) is stopped in Cernauti, as the Austrian Empire is dissolved.



The Chamber works and develops in Romanian jurisdiction, having the headquarters in Falticeni.


24th of February 1949

The Main board of directors of R.P. in Romania emits the Decree 74, regarding the dissolving of territorial chambers of commerce and transferring its patrimony into state’s property. A 99 year old commercial movement is placed to an end.


12 of May 1990

The Law – Decree number 139, regarding the Chambers of Commerce and Industry from Romania – the renaissance of the chamber of commerce system in Romania.


24th of September 1990

The first Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava takes place. The Rules of the Chamber are established and elects the first Board of Directors and the first President in the history after December 1989 – Gavril MOROSAN (1990 – 1997).

The main field of activities of the chamber is: managing the register of firms, development of commercial and industrial activities of its members, collaboration with foreign branches of the Chambers of Commerce in Romanian territory, printing Certificates of origin, editing reports and publications, career training, commercial  court, business consulting services for investments and the organization of events and exhibitions as well.



A national meeting of territorial Chambers takes place in Suceava, where they decided the statutes and the remaking of the Commercial Court.



In Cernauti, the opening of the Chamber of Commerce Suceava Branch takes place, the first opening of its kind. In the same year, a number of economic agents from Suceava participate in the International Fair of Fast Moving Goods from Kiev.



The press office is established. The first published work is “Economic messenger of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.

On the 1st of October 1994, The Chamber re-establishes the Falticeni Branch and becomes the first Chamber of Commerce in Romania to have a branch in its designated area. Afterwards, Radauti, Campulung Moldovenesc and Vatra Dornei branches are opened.



The General Meeting of the Chamber takes place, and together with the Chambers of Commerce from Cremona (Italia) and Mid Yorkshire (Anglia) multiplies economic missions in the European countries. In the same year the investments for the new headquarters of CCI Suceava are started.



The Chamber in Suceava is in 15th place in the country for the number of economic agents registered (18.000).

First collective exhibition stand (TIBCO – ROMEXPO Bucharest) is organized outside Suceava county in the same year. The first statistic publication is printed regarding the most efficient firms in the Suceava County “Bucovina Top Companies 1995”.

The Falticeni branch develops the first project of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava – Phare Project – AMUF (Active measures for unemployment fighting). The Business Consulting Center is established in the same time with the project.



The first important fair-exhibitions are organized in Suceava: Agro-Util Montana, Novomatcon, Traditional Craftsmen and Skills. The Chamber of Commerce bulletin is printed as “Bucovina Business”.



In Gura Humorului and Vatra Dornei are opened up consultancy and business guiding centers for people who lost their job.



The Chamber is the promoter of the International Association of “Superior Prut” Euro region.

19th of November 1999 – The General Meeting elects a new Board of Directors and a new president – Mr. Ioan HEROIU (1999 – 2003).



The new headquarters is officially opened. 15 promotional events are initiated, 5 in Bucharest. The 150 years anniversary of commercial activity in Bucovina is celebrated and the meeting of all the presidents of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in every county takes place in Suceava (June).



The exhibition activity of the Chamber of Commerce is growing every year. 16 exhibiting premieres are initiated and the Chamber becomes the single legal events organizer from Suceava County.

The first edition of “Made in Bucovina” promotional exhibition takes place.



The first auto show in Suceava County is organized – “Bucovina Auto Show”.

The commerce register is brought into the administration of the state, after a Government Emergency Ordinance passes.



The Chamber organizes the first edition of national agriculture and agro – food industry – “Agro Expo Bucovina”. After 7 years, in 2010, the exhibition is declared the largest fair of agriculture from Moldavia.

The General Meeting elects a new Board of Directors and a new president –Mr. Gabriel Sorin IACOB.



The concept “Ready made companies” is initiated, the first all inclusive package for starting-up level in the country.

The first edition of Bucovina Top Companies, with a national partner (communications companies) is organized.



Bucovina Business School is reinitiated and becomes de main supplier, from Suceava County, for carrier guidance services in the commercial field such as training, development and professional improvement in international standards for every person looking for practicing a trade or specializing in any field of activity.


The Romanian commodity exchange – Suceava terminal is opened. At that time, it was the only manager for the spot market and in its first year is declared the second national terminal, as it offered public acquisitions consultancy.

December 2006 – implementation of the project „Virtual Incubator of Student Entrepreneurs in Romania-Ukraine border area” begins, financed by the European Union through the Neighbourhood Programme Romania – Ukraine 2004-2006.



The Chamber Suceava becomes the first chamber in Romania to elaborate development strategies for local administration.

The first training session was called “Marketing for fairs and exhibitions”.

In September 2007 takes place the first tourism exhibition – Bucovina tourism fair.

6th of December 2007 – The law 335/2007 of Chambers of Commerce passes.

The General Meeting elects a new board of directors and confirms the leadership of Mr. Gabriel Sorin IACOB for four more years.



The first edition of “Expo Casa Ambient” – Construction National Fair, an event specialized in construction industry and indoor and outdoor arrangements.

Also in this year the first edition of “Bucovina Weddings Exhibition” takes place and the European Funds Department is founded.

The chamber sings a partnership in the first strategic regional project in Romania for professional development – “Regional cooperation in enterprising excellence” (2008 – 2011). Its objective was the promotion of positive attitude towards enterprising, the creation and support of business in the North – East Region, by offering support, guidance, consultancy and enterprisers training.

February 2008 – the “Project Manager” training is organized – a lecture certified by CNFPA. The training takes place every year and it is a very successful event.



The “Services Guide” of the Chamber of Commerce is printed, being the first complete offer for services and products, divided in 15 categories, covering the entire lifetime of a business. The editing of this guide is the proof, without a doubt, of chamber’s development and growing up.

February 2009 – the CREA project is initiated. (Regional Cooperation for Enterprising Excellence)

June 2009 – the practicing program for students of “Stefan cel Mare” University Suceava is initiated.



Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava implemented for the first time, as the Applicant, the project FIT TO TOURISM – FIT TOUR in which 500 employees were trained in tourism and another 4,500 received an educational kit.



January 2011 – CCI Suceava, as a partner, started the implementation of four projects financed by SOP HRD:

  • ENTRE (pre) NEUR for performance – over 200 employees of the 25 companies in the North-East region have benefited of 10 courses in management and leadership;
  • A.R.M.A. – Entrepreneurial Development and Networking in business – more than 300 employees participated in the 12 courses for developing entrepreneurial culture;
  • Project EVA – The Era of Capitalizing Women Entrepreneurship, in which CCI Suceava participated as a partner and in which a number of 164 unemployed women were trained in financing and trade worker courses;
  • eLife – Development of innovation, creativity, responsibility and sustainability of Romanian entrepreneurship – those three series of 8 courses organized were attended by nearly 500 people.



January 2013 – CCI Suceava implemented, as a partner, the project EIRENE JUST/2012/JCIV/AG/3420, financed through the European Civil Justice program. The overall objective of this project represents advocacy of mediation in six EU member states including Romania.

September 2013 – CCI Suceava began the implementation as the applicant of the “Joint Business Support Centre – Instrument for Fostering Development of Entrepreneurship in the RO-UA-MD Cross-Border Area (Jo.BS Centre)”, MIS-ETC CODE: 1934, funded by the European Union through the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Moldova 2007-2013, Priority 1. The overall objective of the project is to support and strengthen the business environment in the border regions, by training 378 managers/employees of the 260 SMEs in the border area and by creating a Business Center.

December 2013 – CCI Suceava, as a partner, began implementation of the project “Forming the Network of Innovative Cross-Border Infrastructure Institutions in the Region”, funded by the European Union through the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Moldova 2007-2013, priority 1, Mis-ETC Code: 1498, aiming at expansion of relations and cooperation in innovative infrastructure of the region, facilitating technology transfer in the border region.



The Cross-Border Business Centre – Jo.B.S CENTRE was established, which would promote economic events, courses/trainings, provision of exhibition space, conference rooms and office rental. The establishment of the Centre involved upgrading the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava within the Jo.BS Centre project by renovation and equipping on an area of 600 square meters of the old attics, renovation of building facade and creation of new parking spaces, reaching the capacity of 40 places.